Wai Seng Thong

based in london

Speech and Language Therapist 

Wai graduated in 2015 as a Speech and Language Therapist, with a Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) Speech Pathology, in the Apex University of Science Malaysia. Wai has an extensive experience working in both the UK and Malaysia. He has worked across many diverse clinical settings such as hospitals, schools and private practices and with a variety of caseloads including paediatrics (both in mainstream schools and special educational needs schools), as well as working with adolescent and adult cases. Wai also has experience in working with trans and gender diverse people and to support them in this area. Wai is multi-lingual, speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia and is able to provide assessments and therapy in these languages if preferred by parents. In his spare time Wai enjoys travelling, listening to music and cooking. 

Speech and language what it means to me: 

Speaking allows us to express so much, from something simple like I want a crayon to communicating our inner most thoughts and feelings. It is in essence what makes us human and part of the world we live in. Speech and Language Therapy allows us to support those who find this a bit more of a challenge in a way to make them have their own voice, express what they want and become giants in this world, as with words and communication comes the ability to grow into the person we want to be, as the famous quote says words have power, only when you express them! 

My favourite word is ‘mellifluous’. I challenge myself to learn new words everyday and this is my favourite one so far because it sounds like its meaning, sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear


Additional Training: 

  • Palin Parent-Child Interaction therapy for stammering 

  • Hanen ‘More Than Words’ 

  • Attention Autism Day 1 & Day 2 by Gina Davies 

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 

  • Lis ‘n Tell Inclusive Storytelling 

  • Working with Children and Young People with Voice Disorders 

  • SCERTS one day training with Emily Rubin 

  • Voice and Communication Therapy within Trans and Gender Diverse Care Pathway 

  • The Lidcombe Programme of Early Stuttering Intervention 

  • Working with Selective Mutism training with Maggie Johnson


Special Interests: 

  • Early Years 

  • Mainstream (Primary & Secondary) 

  • Dysfluency 

  • ASD 

  • Speech sound delay/disorder 

  • Voice