To help settings such as schools, nurseries, care homes, charities and businesses improve how they support people with speech, language and communication difficulties we have a comprehensive repertoire of training programmes we are able to deliver. We can come to you or if you’d rather come to us we can hold the training in our dedicated training room (link to section on training room in clinic rental section) in Newport Pagnell, just outside Milton Keynes.

Magic Words Therapy - Training Room Newport Pagnell - Room With Chairs and Desks Facing a Whiteboard.JPG

Here are some of the training courses we can offer:

  • Lego Therapy

  • Makaton Foundation (Learn more here.)

  • Makaton Enhancement. (Learn more here.)

  • The full range of Elklan courses. (Learn more here.)

  • Colourful Semantics, Colour Coding Sentences at Every Level

  • Cued Articulation, An Introduction

  • Supporting Children with Down Syndrome in the Classroom

  • Speech, Language and Communication Skills in Secondary School

  • Social Stories: A Tool for Social Skills Training

  • Helping Your Child Learn to Talk: A Guide for Parents

  • Supporting Children with ASD in the Classroom

  • Signing to Support Language Development

  • Speech and Language Therapy as Part of the SEN Process