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Carolyn Fox

based in Luton Schools

Service Lead for Hearing Impairment & Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in Hearing Impairment

Speech and language therapy is about opening doors and creating opportunities. That can be anything from learning to say a new sound or word to telling a really exciting story. It's about giving a child a new ability that they didn't have before and developing close relationships with parents and the professionals around the child. It's also, most importantly, about having fun and being creative so that the therapy is motivating, putting children in the best position to absorb and learn. It's about overcoming barriers together and watching as children learn new skills, grow in confidence and develop as people.

My favourite word is ‘Stravaig’. I like the way it sounds. It means to wander around without purpose, which can be a great way to relax the mind.


Special interests:

  • Behaviour and childhood development

  • Dyslexia

  • Early years

  • Healthcare technology

Additional training:

  • BSL

  • PECS Trained

  • Elklan Tutor

  • Colourful semantics

  • Lego therapy

  • Total communication 

  • Attention Autism

  • Makaton

  • Nuffield NDP 3

  • Lidcombe 

Play fertilises the brain with the behavioural equivalent of Miracle Gro.
— John Medina