Lego® Therapy: Teaching Teachers to Play

Magic Words Therapy - a photo of a full classroom with a presenter at the front.png

Over two very successful sessions, Magic Words provided training for Learning Support and Teaching Staff who were eager to understand how Lego® groups could be utilised in a way to support their pupils' needs. The group came together from various school settings based in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Amongst some enjoyable practicals and video examples of therapy sessions, we covered: 

  • History and research on the development of Lego®-based practices

  • The communication pyramid 

  • Language and Social Skills

  • Job-roles: Builder, Supplier, Architect, Facilitator, Examiner

  • Who should do each role?

  • Lego® rules

  • Discussion of how to facilitate a group

  • What a typical session looks like

  • Visual timetable

  • Evaluation of progress

  • Question-time with a qualified speech and language therapist

Magic Words Therapy - ladies discussing around a table with Lego on it

We received some encouraging feedback from several of the staff to the effect that they would be running their own Lego® groups as soon as possible. It would appear that Lego®Therapy is not only extremely accessible for our children, but is an inviting scheme for the adults facilitating social growth and communicative needs.

This particular continuous professional development training was arranged in association with PEP:MK, Primary Enrichment Partnership. For further dates, please visit their website here.  

Alternatively, we can provide direct training adapted to your needs. Please contact us to learn more.