What do our team members say about working for us?


Sarah kassam-hirji, speech and language therapist

"Working for Magic Words Therapy has increased my breadth and depth of knowledge due to the many opportunities the organisation provides for practical application across the service.  In the time I have been employed, there have been so many opportunities to continue professional development through a range of short courses and training days provided throughout the year.  Furthermore, as an exclusive and close network of speech and language therapists, we are consistently encouraged and invited to gain additional prospects in leadership as we support our colleagues, current and new.  Magic Words offer a solid foundation to allow for the refinement of various personal and professional skills in which one is able to grow alongside the advancement of the organisation."


sunita shah, highly specialist speech and language therapist

“Working with Magic Words is the best career decision I have made.  I practised as a speech and language therapist for over 22 years in the NHS, and brought some great knowledge and skills learnt over the years to this exciting role.  Since starting at Magic Words my huge passion for the profession has been reignited. Magic Words Therapy definitely has a sense of ‘magic’, it has been so lovely working with children and families and seeing such amazing progress.  The therapists working with Magic Words have the flexibility to deliver training, assessment and intervention at the highest level.  Each programme can be individually personalised to meet the real needs of the child, from the resources used to the number and frequency of appointments.  This is definitely a perfect recipe for success.”