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Catherine Clancy

based in bedfordshire and buckinghamshire

Speech and Language Therapist

Speech, language and communication skills are fundamental to children’s and young people’s development. Children need good communication skills to be able to participate in making decisions, engage positively at school, to have a positive relationship with peers and develop their independence and self-esteem. I feel privileged to have a career in speech and language therapy as I have seen how incredibly rewarding it is to work closely with children and their families to make a real impact on their lives. I love working directly with the children but also enjoy empowering others to support the child in their everyday environment, and each goal that is met, no matter how small, is celebrated!

My favourite word is 'holistic'. This means to treat the whole person and refers to a balanced mind, body and spirit. I think it is an important perspective to adopt when supporting those around you and when thinking about our own well-being. I believe that adopting a holistic perspective can help us achieve more balanced lifestyles.


Special interests:

  • Early Years

  • Dysfluency

  • Phonological delay and disorders

  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Additional training:

  • Reading and Language Intervention for children with Down Syndrome

  • Colourful Semantics

  • Lego Therapy 

  • Elklan 5-11

  • Makaton Sign and Symbols: Stages 1-4 

  • Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations

  • Vital Voice 

  • Sampling Utterances and Grammatical Analysis Revised (SUGAR)

To communicate is truly a gift. It is a wondrous ability of your amazing human body, the ability that allows us to connect with other humans to give meaning to our lives. I will argue that it is what makes us human.
— Kathleen Depperschmidt